Thursday, June 1, 2000

6/1/00 Messiah's Update

And A Depraved, If Not Deluded Exposition of Rom.3:9-19 and Total Depravity

What we have here is the blade first, before it sprang up a couple of years later, the full corn in the ear of the Federal Vision theology of the Auburn Avenue Pastors's Conferences and Schlissel's Covenant series. According to N.T. Wright's New Perspective on Paul, the gospel, the Book of Romans, the New Testament is not about justification - how a man might be right with God - but ethics and ecclesiology. The NT Jews were in the covenant already; the NT Jews were already saved. They merely had scruples about sitting down at the same dinner table with uncircumcised Gentile believers. But this new view of Scripture and emphasis on covenant, has to make room for itself.