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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Biggest Racist of Them All?

Not Ron Paul (unless Voddie Baucham don't have  clue) or even  the Newt Gingrich in the recent Repuglican debate. Rather we know that those who criticize Paul for not reading his 20 year old  newsletters, can't be anybody -- mainstream media or member of Congress -  involved with passing the Patriot Act, the TARP Bailout or ObamaCare, all of which  were "Too Big to Read". In other words, for one, we're talking major mainstream hypocrisy.

More Smoke and Mirrors
Two,  even if Paul or the Newt was the Great Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan  and they're not, the dubious honor of being the biggest racist just might be reserved for the present occupant of the big white house on Pennsylvania Ave. who still hasn't got around to telling anybody what he was doing sitting for twenty years in what could be called the black version of KKK church.

Which  is to say, it just  goes to show how far education in the  government schools has been eroded if the lesson of Edgar Allen Poe's Purloined Letter doesn't cause some lights to go on for the media, which has generally been in the tank for the darling  incumbent,  who is incapable of doing any  wrong. That, while the same  media again has only been capable of smearing someone as a racist if they dare to question their golden boy, if not Goldman Sachs Candidate No.1 - as compared to  Goldman Sachs Candidate No. 2, Mitt "Obamalite" Romney. Which is perhaps why some refer to members of the mainstream  press by the vulgar term of press-titutes.

The Original Doctrine of Original Sin
But  just as you can't understand India without knowing something about Hinduism, one can't understand the West without understanding Christianity, if not the Protestant Reformation when it comes to the English speaking West, much more America. That said,  historic orthodox Christianity has always taught that all men fell into sin in Adam’s fall into sin. Consequently all men are born with original sin or a sinful human nature, to which they add to daily  in thought, word and deed.

But if all men did not fall into the first Adam's sin, much more arguably there is no such thing as sin, never mind Adam,  then there is no real need for the second Adam, Christ, to come to deliver all men  regardless of their race, gender, age -  or ahem, political  affiliations  -   from sin.  A utopia or  a secular kingdom of God is then  possible in the here and now on earth  in this life, whether racial or otherwise. So the implications of the Enlightenment dogma of the perfectibility of man flowing from the denial of original sin.

Black Liberation Theology's Version
The  problem then is twofold. One, since what passes for the mainstream media  generally can't tell us what orthodox Christianity is all about, one can hardly expect that aberrant versions would register on their radar screen.  Two, Black Liberation Theology (BLT) as espoused by Pastor Jeremiah Wright, denies the classic Christian doctrine of original sin and essentially buys into the Enlightenment dogma, if not heresy, of the  perfectibility of man.  Wright then teaches, in contrast to the historic doctrine, that one, America’s original sin was African chattel slavery and two, white people are the only thing holding black people back. (Which of course is why, Pastor Jer. Wright moved up and out of the ghetto to a largely white exclusive gated community upon retirement. Wait a minute, I'm confused. Never mind.)

Further, as above,  in the prevailing  political climate any objections to Wright or  the former  member of his church who hit the big time and moved to DC, are automatically  seen as racist, rather than theological and dismissed out of hand.  (In addition to "racist" the  liberal /progressive or neo-con  media liberally smears anybody that opposes their big government agenda of  either  more welfare or more warfare, if not as it usually happens, more of both, as  a  "sexist, bigot, homophobe" or "anti-semite"). 

Part of the problem with Wright's beef with America though,  is that the country fought a bloody civil war to abolish slavery – when it just so happened that every other western power  abolished slavery peacefully. Further, as noted economist, Thomas Sowell   mentions,  it took the Europeans,  if not Christianity,   to abolish slavery. The Asians, Arabs and Africans were just fine with the status quo and still would be in many instances. (Just in case the Black Caucus of the Thought Police is on active duty  in the vicinity,  Sowell is probably darker than both Obama and Wright.) Arguably the Civil Rights legislation in the 1960's was necessary to secure equal justice before the law, but  Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action  in turn have just become excuses for a socialistic Equal Outcome and reverse discrimination.

Two, if man's problem is again only external, then an external solution will suffice. This has  generally meant  that necessarily there is a political,  economic or even environmental  solution to everything, including original sin, as well as inequality (translation: unequal outcomes) and injustice (see  previous). This generally means that more  big government is seen as the preferred way to more efficiently and “legally”  coerce one’s fellow man – not one’s self – to get with the pogrom of perfecting  man. Which same men,  being imperfect resist and so the escalating power and violence of the state commences to gain their compliance, if not again  their "perfection". In other words, when all is said and done, according to the Enlightenment take on the world,  man does not live, but by politics alone. Thus modern history.

Previous Political Perfectionists
Give Equal Opportunity  its due though,  if blacks won’t learn from history,  white or otherwise, they’re doomed to repeat it as per Santayana, if not Ecclesiastes. The record of the  20th century is   writ large in (red) blood regarding the regimes that believed in the perfectability of man. The Russian Bolshevik, German Nazi and Red Chinese experiments all were  rooted  in the French Enlightenment and Revolution, the last of which took place a century after the Protestant Hueguenots had been suppressed and largely driven from the country. Beginning with Robiespierre and the Jacobin  Reign of Terror, utopia was just around the corner as long as royalists, aristocrats and Girondists could be stopped - by the guillotine. But eventually Robespierre himself had a final appointment with Madame Guillotine, and Napolean picked up the pieces of a society and a country tired of the terror and chaos, before he himself was stopped by a larger Europe.

In Russia,  it was the kulaks, Enemies of the People  and Trotskyite wreckers that were all on display in the Stalinist show trials, if not sent directly to die in the labor camps, provided they hadn't already starved in the Ukrainian famine; in  Germany, the mentally retarded; the elderly, the  gypsies and finally the Jews were rounded up  in the Final Solution; in  China it was the mass struggle against  the capitalist running dogs  culminating  in  national famine and cannibalism, the Red Terror  and Cultural Revolution against the Four Old Customs, Culture, Habits and Ideas.

If the Red Queen could shout "off with their heads" in Alice in Wonderland, the descendants of the philosophes and the Jacobins can only shout "off to the firing squads, labor camps and gas chambers" in the new world order of  the peoples's national democratic socialist republics. Liberty, equality and fraternity were the order of the day for the proletarian undermenschen according to the elite who ruled in the name of The People. Or as Geo. Orwell put it in his classic fable Animal Farm, "Some animals are more equal than other animals".

Granted, we are not claiming Jeremiah Wright sermons are a running commentary, if not an update of Hitler's Mein Kampf; that a Black Liberation Theology version of Mao's Little Red Book is available at either Amazon or if the booktable in the foyer of Trinity United Church, Chicago is out of copies.   Far from it. Rather we are saying lots of folks have taken the Enlightenment doctrine of the perfectibility of man and run with it. Into bloody dead ends, if not that that is the only place you can run with it.

Fast Forward To Now
While Wright in his infamous YouTube clip damns American imperialism, that is not to say that Mr. Obama is not a fan of big government at least at home, if not also abroad. For starters, one only has to read his two last State of the Union addresses. Big government is here to help you.  Not in the sense of getting  out of the way, but in doing what only it can do: fund green energy, produce "shovel ready" jobs and  revive the economy in general. And oddly enough, even as Obama spoke last time to Congress, the Federal Reserve was preparing for more inflation, money printing and zero interest rates, before we even get to any jobs programs that Congress "needs" to pass. Which is another way of saying that  going into debt to spend money to get out of debt only works for politicians in the Washington DC universe. For a while, the end of which, just might be in sight.  But like what you see on Jackass and  Dumb and Dumber, don't try this economic policy at home. You'd get arrested for counterfeiting before the repo man even thinks about showing up.

Again  the idea of the perfectability of man is like that of a perpetual motion machine; it is a dead end regardless of its national, ethnic or racial overtones. Sooner or later societies and devices built to those specifications and within those limits, if one cares to refer to to them as that, crash and burn,  if they even get off the ground. And it has got nothing to do with whether it is an African version as opposed to a European version;  a black versus a  white version. They are all bankrupt.

That is the real problem with Pastor Wright's views. It is not that he curses the  American empire overseas  arguably upon constitutional grounds,  which even the mainstream media in bed with big government  found deplorable,  but that necessarily as someone who has departed from Christian orthodoxy and externalized/politicized  original sin -  now  in racial terms, instead of economics or class -  the seeds have been sown and the stage set further for those who  believe that big government is the solution, before we even get to the Bolshevik, Nazi or Red Chinese stage of the end game. In other words, if there are any racists in the house, the US House of Representatives or the GOP campaign is the wrong place to look. Rather we ought to start with the White House.

But since again, we now have for all practical purposes a Democrat version of Stalinist personality cult of the infallible Great Leader to replace the previous Republican version,  don't hold your breath. In addition to being unpatriotic, you'll only be called a racist.

The Real End Game
That,  not to mention on New Years Eve, our good friend Herr Obama signed into law, the NDAA or the  American version of fuhrerprinzip with the help of more than a few Republicans. The good news is  that only terrorists will be indefinitely detained whatever that old fashioned and medieval  Posse Comitatus Act used to say. Of course, racists, whether genuine or phony, as well as socialists, even the indirect or fascist variety, have nothing to worry about.

To be sure, Congress probably thinks that this means they are off the hook, but I wouldn't bet on it. If absolute power corrupts absolutely,  as Lord Acton reminded us, speaking in the context of papal supremacy and the divine right of kings, the same goes for the military right of  presidents, racist or otherwise. But hey, we got to go. Somebody's at the door in a uniform and . . .  

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